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Links to Software Programs

This is where you can find links to websites that provide spreadsheet, .pdf viewer, and md5 software.




OpenOffice (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The free software is available here.


Xpdf (Linux)

This is a simple, open source .pdf viewer for Linux. It is also available in most repositories.

Skim (Mac)

This is an open source .pdf viewer for Mac.

Foxit Reader (Windows)

The free Foxit Reader, .pdf viewer software is available here.


These programs will allow you to compare the md5 strings on our website with a string you can generate after you have downloaded our spreadsheet calculators and other programs.

It is not required that you use this software. However, it is useful for checking the validity of the downloads available from this website.

All our md5 checksums are located next to their available download links.

Md5sum Man Page (Linux)

If you are a linux user, md5sum is likely already included in your distribution. The man page here will describe how to use the command.

How to Md5sum (Mac)

This tutorial provides a short description of three ways in which a mac user can utilize the md5sum utility.

Md5sum (Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP)

This is a basic command line program.

WinMd5sum (Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7)

This program is similar to the one located directly above. It is a graphical program and may be easier to use for less experienced users.


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