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Ratings Calculators, Forms

This page contains links to the various ratings calculators and print forms that are available for use with Public Direction.


Ratings Calculator Programs

These downloadable ratings calculators are useful for examining and editing your department ratings. They allow you to input initial ratings and view each rating's corresponding monetary output. In addition, they allow you to add or subtract money from each department and have your initial ratings be altered according to those revisions.

When you have finished examining your ratings you can easily copy and paste them directly from the spreadsheet into the Submit Your Ratings web page where you can send them to Public Direction.

It is possible to edit the spreadsheet calculators. This will allow you to see how they work. However, if you feel that you have altered the calculations we urge you to either not save the spreadsheet or download a fresh copy before using them to evaluate your ratings.

Calculator 1 (Microsoft Excel, .xls format)

Md5: 682a4f3245490e7e83bba06820262223 (Updated: 12-24-2010)

This program may be used with Microsoft Excel. It is saved in .xls format and works in Office 2003 and 2007 versions.

Please enable macros to allow this spreadsheet to operate properly.

Calculator 2 (OpenOffice Calc, .ods format)

Md5: d62198fe6abf089ca170609cb677ae61 (Updated: 12-24-2010)

This program may be used with OpenOffice Calc. It is saved in the Open Document format, .ods.

Please enable macros to allow this spreadsheet to operate properly.

Paper Form

Paper Form (.pdf)

Md5: 465346da285db785ac8538fe5877fdec (Updated: 08-24-2010)

This paper form is provided for those who cannot, or do not wish to, submit their ratings electronically.

Links to several .pdf software programs are located in the Resources section of this website.

At this time, only electronic ratings may be submitted to Public Direction. For the time being, this paper is provided as an example. It may be similar to a form that could be adopted by the government.

Paper Calculation Chart

Calculation Chart (.pdf)

Md5: 6ffa0d427cc75eebd122587ed06b3013 (Updated: 08-24-2010)

This is a printable copy calculation chart. It is useful if you cannot access the online or downloadable programs, or if you wish to edit your ratings by hand.

The form requires basic math skills. It includes a list of detailed instructions.

It is not necessary to send this form to Public Direction.


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