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Average Ratings

Below you will find a table of the average ratings that have been submitted to Public Direction. These ratings are updated approximately every week.

We encourage you not to use these figures as a basis for you own ratings. They are here simply to provide transparency for those who are curious about this issue.


Up-to-date Average Ratings

Executive Departments Average Rating
Updated 09-11-10
Voters: 11
Agriculture: 4.3
Commerce: 4.3
Defense: 3.8
Education: 5.8
Energy: 5.3
Health and Human Services: 4.3
Homeland Security: 3.8
Housing and Urban Development: 3.8
Interior: 3.6
Justice: 3.9
Labor: 3.2
State: 3.4
Transportation: 5.1
Treasury: 3.8
Veteran's Affairs: 3.7
Federal Agencies Average Rating
Corps for National and Community Service: 3.0
Corps of Engineers: 4.3
Environmental Protection Agency: 4.1
General Services Administration: 3.3
National Aeronautics and Space Administration: 5.1
National Science Foundation: 5.6
Small Business Administration: 5.4
Social Security Administration: 2.7
Other Agencies: 3.2
Mandatory Spending Average Rating
Medicaid: 3.3
Medicare: 3.0
Social Security: 3.0
Other: 3.0


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