Public Direction

Giving all citizens a say in the federal budgetary process.

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Each category listed below is a link to a separate web page, containing different resources related to Public Direction. Descriptions are provided to detail the contents of each page.


Contact Us

This is where you can contact the authors of Public Direction through our web-based email form.

The Proposal (.pdf)

Md5: 134356f84227a0086de84362b52c3542 (Updated: 08-24-2010)

This is a direct link to the proposal, Public Direction, our paper which gives an overview of Public Direction.

Ratings Calculators, Print Forms

Here you will find links to the downloadable spreadsheet calculators and the Public Direction print forms.

Chart of Average Ratings (Updated: 08-24-10)

Here you can find a chart that displays the average of all ratings which have been submitted to Public Direction. This is updated approximately every week.

Testing the Formula

This page includes several spreadsheets that were used to test the basic formula used with Public Direction. They simulate random samples of user ratings and display the budgetary changes of each department.


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This is where you can find links to websites that provide spreadsheet, .pdf viewer, and md5 validation software.


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