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Frequently Asked Questions

Monetary Issues


What amount of money does Public Direction use when distributing funds according to the voter ratings?

The intent is to use all tax dollars collected by the federal government as the budget for Public Direction. In the Fiscal Year 2010 this amount was just over 2 trillion dollars.

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How can Public Direction help reduce the federal deficit?

Spending will be limited to only the money that is distributed according to voter ratings. This will necessarily remove many functions of the current budget system that are largely completed by the President, the House and the Senate. Operating in debt will be a thing of the past because Public Direction only distributes the amount that the government collects as revenue.

As the federal government begins to operate more efficiently and effectively it will be able to complete more projects with less funding. Over time, this will allow for an excess of funds to be used to pay off the federal debt.

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How much money will my ratings give each department?

Since the ratings are averaged, voters each have control over an equal percentage of the budget. The federal budget totals over 2 trillion dollars. As a realistic example, if 200 million people were to return the Public Direction form each voter would be in control of .00005 percent of the budget and would directly determine the distribution of 1 million dollars.

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If a department doesn't spend its whole budget does it get to keep the money?

Yes, especially when saving for a major program. This should demonstrate fiscal responsibility to voters.

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What if a department doesn't have enough money?

Departments with short budgets will work to spend their funds in the most effective way possible. Certain departments will inevitably be more efficient, more popular, or generally more favorable than others. Those who gain public support will see an increase in funds and therefore will be able to do more. They can take projects and responsibilities from less favorable departments and will perform those services in a more efficient manner.

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