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Is Public Direction intended only to be used with the federal government?

The forms on this website are designed for the federal budget. However, the core principles of this system can be used at any level of government. The list of departments could easily be replaced with government projects, allowing each voter to have much more specific influence.

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Will Public Direction be a replacement for the current system, or will it be just another addition to the process? What will happen to the current federal committees and individuals who create and shape the budget?

This system is a nearly complete replacement for the current federal budgetary process. It allows the public to determine the amount of funds that departments will receive. But it is not a substitute for services like the IRS because it does not allow the public to collect or distribute money. Therefore, Public Direction will necessarily replace some budgetary departments and will leave others alone.

Public Direction takes over the tasks that are largely completed by the President, the House and the Senate. The individuals who are a part of these tasks have duties beyond the creation of the federal budget. Their responsibilities will shift away from distributing the budget and toward administering the funds that are awarded to them by the public.

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Government Employees

Won't departments with short budgets need to layoff employees?

This remains a possibility. Public Direction encourages expanding departments to adopt some of the services and employees of shrinking departments. The development of transferrable skills will be exceptionally useful for those employees who move from one department to another.

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