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Frequently Asked Questions

The Authors of Public Direction


Who are the creators of Public Direction?

There are two of us.

Christian Yaeger is the brains behind the mathematical part of the ratings calculator. He is a mechanical engineer and inventor who is making the world a better place through logical and efficient design. On our message board (Disqus) you will find him under the name 'theskitter.'

Casey Houser is the primary designer of this website. He is a student of psychology, a vegan and yogi who is making the world a better place through simplicity and original thought. On our message board you will find him under the name 'bovis.'

Public Direction is a fully collaborative effort. Every detail is discussed and stripped down to its basic elements. Underlying a deep respect, we are intense critics of ourselves and of each other. It is this combination of appraisal and appreciation that makes Public Direction the best it can be.

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How did this system begin? How long did it take to create?

The original incarnation was a simple checklist, a single sheet of paper with a few blanks where the user could indicate approval or disapproval for a government program. It expanded from those black and white options to include the fully developed framework we have today.

In total, the process has taken several years, but the start of 2010 marked a period of quick, intense development. The ratings calculators, all the methods of calculation, the website, and the minute details of the system have only been considered since that time.

That said, know that Public Direction is a constantly evolving machine. We are always coming up with fresh ideas, discovering unseen hangups and hurdles. The newest phase of evolution will come with the help of the public, who are absolutely essential.

We are greatly looking forward to the positive and negative reception of this system. All constructive comments are welcome.

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How is Public Direction funded?

Currently, everything is paid by the two authors. But there aren't many expenses beyond the upkeep of the website. Public Direction doesn't make any money.

If the website begins to grow we may need to look into a source of funding beyond our own pockets. For now, though, we are all set.

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Does either author support a political party?

Neither author has any party affiliation. Public Direction is not a partisan system. We believe one of the chief benefits of Public Direction is the ability to express different views on the allocation of resources.

Although we have strong and differing opinions on many subjects, we have made every effort to make the voting process neutral. It is not our place to sway the mind of any voter.

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