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Department of Housing and Urban Development - Sub-Departments

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is essential for the development of communities. They build working relationships with local organizations so that the community itself can have a hand in creating accessable, affordable housing that is not tainted by discrimination. [8]

This page contains a list of sub-departments that are a part of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This is an active list that is open to change, and it is meant to be a convenient public reference, not an official list. All the sub-departments listed below are referenced from this department's government website [1], where an official list may be accessed.


Center for Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Human Capital Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Procurement Officer

Community Planning and Development

Congressional / Intergovernmental Relations

Departmental Enforcement Center

Equal Employment Opportunity

Fair Housing / Equal Opportunity

Field Policy / Management

General Counsel

Ginnie Mae

Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control


Labor Relations

Office of Hearings and Appeals

Office of the Inspector General

Office of Sustainable Housing and Communites

Policy Development and Research

Public Affairs

Public and Indian Housing

Small / Disadvantaged Business Utilization


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