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Federal Agencies

This page contains a short description of each federal agency listed in the Updated Summary Tables (FY2010), including a link to each agency's web page. This list was taken from page 32 of that document, under the heading 'Discretionary Policy by Agency.' All named agencies are arranged in alphabetical order.


Corporation for National and Community Service

The Corporation for National and Community Service strives to improve the lives of individuals and the communities in which they live. They work with public and private partners to build communities that are efficient and sustainable. In addition, this service works with minority colleges and disability organizations, and they help to distribute resources to areas that are in economic distress. [1]

Corps of Engineers

The Corps of Engineers builds training, working, and living facilities for the military. They dredge waterways throughout the U.S. so that materials can be safely moved to campgrounds and marinas, and the environment is helped by the Engineers' effort to clean up hazardous waste materials. [2]

Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA works to provide a healthy physical environment for all people. They do this by ensuring that federal health laws are enforced, that scientific information is accurate and up to date, and that America is in contact with countries around the world. The EPA gives out grants to environmental programs, holds their own laboratory experiments and publishes material about the environment so that the public may be better informed. [3]

General Services Administration

The General Services Administration works to create a U.S. government that is effective, sustainable and transparent. This is achieved by the management of property provided by the GSA and by developing business plans that allow government to be more efficient and productive. [4]

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA is responsible for developing all areas of future space exploration. They develop new technologies which allow for the creation of better aeronautics, more effective charts of the universe, and higher human and robot sustainability. [5]

National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation advances the state of scientific research to aid in national health and prosperity. They are a major source of government backing for universities across America and are especially influential in the areas of mathematics, computer science and the social sciences. Funding from the NSF is most often awarded in the form of limited-term grants which fund specific research projects. [6]

Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration advocates for small businesses by providing them with services such as loans, contracts and counseling sessions. They work with businesses that are affected by natural disasters and those owners who are below the poverty level. Assistance is also given to owners by way of technical assistance and business training. [7]

Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration delivers services that are a part of the United States social security system. Nationwide, they have regional offices, card centers and processing centers, among other offices. The SSA is also involved in international affairs by participating in U.S. embassies around the world. [8]

Other Agencies

List of other agencies

This category comprises all federal agencies that are not specifically listed in the Update Summary Tables (FY2010) [9] document. Note that Public Direction does not include the National Infrastructure Bank or the Climate Policy (Clean Energy Technologies) in its calculations. More details about this issue may be found in the Question and Answer section of this website.



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